Days of Remembrance

We Won't Forget

The next few days are “Days of Remembrance” for us. On Thursday January 12th board members Lindsay Mulcahy, Jake Hanley and Shelly Jones will be on Partyline at 1 PM discussing the “Great 1895 Explosion” and our upcoming commemoration at the uptown fire station. Friday is the 4th anniversary of the Meaderville Spaghetti Dinner where we told the story of the explosion and explained our mission to bring the event back from the dust bins of history. It was a great event, held at the DEPOT which is almost GROUND ZERO. We completely filled the social room and spilled into the hallways thanks to the great people of Butte and surrounding area. On Sunday January 15th at 1 P.M. we will hold the commemoration for the 128th year of the explosion. Please join us for the commemoration and the reception following in the fire station where cake, cookies and hot beverages will be served. This will give you time to browse through the memorabilia of the event. We look forward to seeing you there.